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I wish to express my appreciation for your quick response to the heat pump project, very pleased with what you delivered for me in such a short space of time.

Colin – (Arundel)

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Plumbing FAQs


1. I need a plumber ASAP – how long will it take for you to arrive?

We have a Guaranteed 1 hour response time for all plumbing emergencies. From blocked drains to burst pipes we can be there fast! Our service is fast and responsive to meet your needs – we have local plumbers in your area now. Call AMS plumbing service today.

2. I think I have an underground leak but not sure where from – can you find the pipe?

Yes we have specialist leak detection equipment that can detect a leaking pipe in any location; once we have found the pipe we can then make repairs as our team of plumbers specialise in this field. Once the leak detector has pinpointed the leak our plumber will have it repaired in no time at all.

3. I have an excess water notice from Council – what should I do?

Call us FAST! – This could indicate an underground water leak or running tap, cistern or shower wasting water at your property – our leak detection and plumbing team will survey your home and grounds for water leaks and also inspect your plumbing fixtures and fittings for performance. In most cases excess water charges can be refunded if a licensed plumber has carried out the plumbing repairs and a form 4 issued.

4. My roof and gutters are leaking during the recent storms – can you help?

We can access your roof and provide a full inspection of either a tiled or “Colorbond” roof type together with a CCTV camera report on the downpipes and storm-water drains. We can then provide a report on its condition and make suitable recommendations to keep you dry. Our roofing plumbers are the best around. Our drain clearing machines will cut through most major drain blocks quickly and efficiently to get that storm-water flowing fast.

5. I think I have a blocked drain as my toilet overflows when I flush it – do you have the equipment to solve this?

This could be a simple plunge of the toilet by our drain plumber or the main sewer drain may be blocked. All our vehicles have the latest drain cleaning equipment – jet blasters and electric eel machines to clear your drain fast and efficiently. If we cannot clear it manually we can utilise our drain jet machine and in most cases get the sewer line clear – however there are certain times when the blockage is so severe that the only option is to excavate and replace the pipe. We can confirm this by the use of our drain camera. Our plumbers have a great deal of experience in this type of work and we even have our own excavator on hand to easily dig out your old drains.

6. All my taps are old and dripping – do you do small jobs?

Yes our experienced plumbers will service all your taps and reseat and replace washers and O rings as required to extend the life of your taps. We also supply and install a wide variety of taps – from mixers, pillar taps and auto taps such as Zip chillers and boiling water units. We also install and supply numerous types of toilet cisterns from china cisterns and porcelain cisterns to plastic cisterns. We offer a full repair service to all types of toilets and cisterns including new toilet seats. We also carry out works to shower heads and shower spouts, laundry tubs, sinks and vanities plus baths (freestanding or built-in), external taps for hoses, new pipe work and plumbing installations of every kind.

7. I have no hot water?

We can have a technician out to you within the hour whether you have electric hot water, heat pump hot water, solar hot water or gas hot water we will identify the problem and get your hot water back on. We service all types of hot water units and hot water tanks. We also repair and replace every size hot water unit from 50 litre to 315 litre and up to 400 litre for commercial plumbing. Our plumbers also replace hot water elements and thermostats. We are specialists on servicing zip hot water units and other similar models such as Hydroboil and instantaneous hot water systems. 

8. Every time I use my shower, water leaks through the adjacent walls – can you fix this?

Yes this is no problem – it could be one of two causes. Firstly our plumber will pressure test your pipework and check for leaks on your pipes. The plumber will also test the waste to see if there are any concealed pipes leaking – if these are found we can then access the pipes / waste and carry out repairs to every type of pipe or waste. If the pipes are found not to be leaking then it is most likely to be a waterproofing issue which we can also repair via our bathroom renovations team who can waterproof and tile any installation with our full QBCC back up guarantee. 

9. I can smell gas – what should I do?

Call AMS plumbing service gas specialists straight away – turn off the gas at your gas meter or cylinder, Turn off all appliances (including electrical) and pilot lights, Open all doors and windows for ventilation – only if safe to do so and extinguish all naked flames (do not smoke). Our Licensed Gas service technician will be on site as soon as possible and in most cases within the hour. He will carry out a full gas safety inspection and provide a gas certificate on completion of works. 

10.  What are the costs involved with booking a plumber?

AMS Plumbing charge a service fee of $99 which includes the first 15 minutes labour. We are a professional dedicated company who pride ourselves on customer service and take great care in and around your property. We will keep you fully informed of all costs from the first phone call we receive and the plumber will explain all charges before issuing the invoice. We consider ourselves to be the best value for money service around and we want you the client to recommend us again and again. If you aren’t happy then neither are we.



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